Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be in the MUMMB?

Any student enrolled at Millersville University is eligible to participate in the Millersville University Marauder Marching Band. Some sections have limited membership, but anyone who does not earn a position there can join the band in another capacity.

Do I have to be a music major?

No! Every year, nearly 2/3 of the membership major in something other than music. Overall we represent over 50 majors from all across the Millersville University campus. 

When does the marching band rehearse?

The MUMMB rehearses Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:10 – 6:20 PM. Additionally, the band performs at all home football games (Saturdays), selected away games, parades in the community, and in a number of exhibitions throughout the fall on Saturdays and Sundays.

How do I sign up for marching band?

First, visit our Join Us! Page tab at the top of this page and fill out the online form. Once you have been officially accepted to the university, simply check the “Marching Band” box on your orientation registration form. This will alert your registrar to schedule you for the course and free your class schedule during rehearsals. If you find your schedule conflicts with rehearsal times, please contact the director at

What instrument do I play?

Wind and percussion music majors must complete two seasons on their major instrument. Voice and string education majors are required to complete one season with the marching band. Students will be placed in sections in which they have experience or can learn easily. 

What do I need to supply for my band uniform?

Wind and percussion players are responsible for supplying black marching shoes, black gloves, and black socks. You may reuse pairs from your high school program if they are still in good condition. Shoes and gloves can be found on sites such as Band Shoppe or Smith Walbridge. All other uniform parts will be provided. Color guard and twirlers will be given separate information for uniforms, found on the Color Guard/Twirlers Page.

Do I need to supply my own instrument?

The university will supply percussion instruments, tubas, baritones, and mellophones.  Members are expected to provide all other instruments. We have a VERY limited amount of other instruments to loan.

Note:  Woodwind players are strongly recommended to use a ‘marching instrument.’  Wooden clarinets and conservatory model flutes and saxophones do not do well in the extreme weather conditions we experience during a marching band season.

Does it cost money to participate in marching band?

We ask students to pay for their band camp meals. Usually that is $100 for all members - but that could change based on several variables. Information is emailed out to the membership during the summer. Also, all students should register for two courses - MUSI 128 (Marching Band Camp) and MUSI 129 (Marching Band) for 0.5 credits (except select music majors)

How do we communicate during the season?

During the summer, the main source of communication is to your Millersville email. Around August, you are expected to have joined our account on the BAND! app, which will be the primary source of information during the season (more information about how to join BAND will be given during the summer). Email may still be used in some cases during the season.

I haven't received any emails about marching band. Am I missing something?

First, make sure you have completed the intent form on the Join Us! Page. In the following weeks, you should receive an email from Dr. Cernuto, the marching band director. If you do not see an email, make sure you are checking your Millersville email, as that is the account you are expected to be checking often (for both band and university needs). If you are still having trouble finding something, send an email to Dr. Cernuto at and you will receive a response shortly.

Where can I find out more information specific to battery, front ensemble, color guard, and twirling?

For battery and front ensemble information, visit our Percussion Page. For color guard and twirling information, visit our Color Guard/Twirlers Page.